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Altered canons


In this show, Mark Klink draws on ancient Roman and Greek sculpture models to experiment on their shapes, textures, and colors. Explores new morphologies through software manipulation incorporating glitch aesthetics. Go to exhibition

Play at your own risk


After more than a year of Covid-19 outbreak, we have lived changes in the way we interact with others and with the environment. Confinement and social distancing, extreme disinfection, online education, and remote work became part of the daily scenario. This exhibition brings together the work of artists who use the language of video games to explore these issues. Art games that involve the player directly to recreate these circumstances and enable to observe them from other perspectives. Let's play!

Network Effect: Jonathan Harris & Greg Hochmuth


What happens when we immerse ourselves in the Internet? Are we aware of the time we spend connected? What do we look for? How do we proccess all the information? These are some of the questions posed in Network Effect. An interactive net.art project that highlights the cognitive oversaturation we expose ourselves when we surf the Internet and the psychological effects involved. Explore it now.