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New fractal art exhibition


Lee Oliver researches the possibilities of fractal geometry using the same formula to develop his imaginary cities. Urban metaphors that, through the uninhabited landscapes, induce suffocation and despair feelings. Mandelbulbsand Menger Sponges fractals provide him an escape into a virtual space occupied only by himself. A place wherein he can wander endlessly. Go to the exhibition.

Crack on screen


Celebrating 5 years on the net, Espacio Byte is proud to launch 'Crack on Screen'. An exhibition that brings together a selection of works by the PVM collective (Pungas de Villa Martelli), precursor of the demoscene in Argentina. A journey through various practices such as low-resolution pixel graphics, chiptune compositions, executable demos and ASCII art. Go to the exhibition.

Cameron's world


This Internet-based artwork recreates the aesthetic experience of the web 1.0. A digital archaeology project that explores cities and neighborhoods of the GeoCities platform buried in 2009. For those who knew it, it will be like going back in time. For those who don't, a new discovery. Go to the exhibition.

New exhibition


Explore the first exhibition of 2018, That virtual object of desire by dutch artist Ray Gropius. Drawings built from an interconnected network of lines and points, which, like an x-ray, reveal fantasies, desires and beliefs of contemporary life. Go to the exhibition.

Open call


Open call for Iconic Digital Art Biennale. The topic for this edition is The beauty of pure Artificial Intelligence. An opportunity to show and sell your artworks using the most contemporary online currency: Bitcoins. Only visual artworks. More info and rules at ICONIC.