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  • first computer pandemics
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Apocryph: Marie-Lou Barbier


New exhibition on visual experiments based on cellular automata. A code writing exercise, as well as an aesthetic search that seeps out of mathematical abstraction. Explore it now.

New exhibition 'Virus attack!'


New exhibition on computer viruses. An approach to the aesthetic dimension of disruptive phenomena in the digital ecosystem. Virus attack! raises an analogy between pandemics in the biological and digital sphere, and how both end up interfering in the dynamics of human activities. A reflection on how technology has been integrated into contemporary society and it is impossible to consider human and digital as separate entities. Explore it now.

New exhibition 'DestroyTheSelf'


A series of self-portraits made by swedish software developer and artist, Peder Norrby. Through a variety of digital distorting processes, his portraits capture the instability of identity in contemporary network life. An attempt to visualize the emotions permeating the body that happens during certain stages of deep meditation. Explore it now.

Lucas Medina: 'WIKI'


Wiki is a net-art project exposing Wikipedia's hyperlink system. It works as an observation on the conceptual relationship between the terms to credit philosophy as the etymological core of any search. Explore it now.

Espacio Byte starts the year with a group exhibition dedicated to cyberdance.


'Dance in other space' gathers a variety of artworks that articulates the art of dance with creative possibilities of digital languages. Explore it now!