peder norrby

DestroyTheSelf is a series of self-portraits made with 3D scanning and geometric manipulation.

Through a variety of digital distorting processes, Peder’s portraits capture the instability of identity in contemporary network life. An attempt to visualize the emotions permeating the body that happens during certain stages of deep meditation.

The title refers to both the Buddhist concept of 'no-self' and today's selfie culture.

Self portraits(2019)

Peder Norrby

Peder Norrby, aka ALGOMYSTIC is a digital artist and software developer based is Stockholm, Sweden. He works mainly with abstract generative and glitch art. He likes to represent feelings through a surreal and disturbing style. He also like to explore novel technology and its potential for art, recently exploring augmented reality. Peder is also the creator of Trapcode, a motion graphics and VFX tool.