emerging cities

lee oliver

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A set of unique buildings emerge in a space of pure abstraction. Architecture of complex surfaces stands on infinite labyrinths.

Lee Oliver researches the possibilities of fractal geometry using the same formula to develop his imaginary cities. Urban metaphors that, through the uninhabited landscapes, induce suffocation and despair feelings.

A totem seems to be the only way to escape from the disturbing dream. An oasis in the desert that brings relief to the endless void.

Fractal images(2017)

Lee Oliver

Oliver’s art explores fractal geometry through digital rendering, 3d modeling, and sculptural work using 3D printing, casting, and book binding. His fascination with fractals began at middle school and since then, he has been working on the research of this mathematical universe. The infinite expanse of repetition is a place of solace, a comfort zone. Mandelbulbs and Menger Sponges fractals provide him an escape into a virtual space occupied only by himself. A place wherein he can wander endlessly.