go back to hiding in the shadows

pandelis diamantides

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A set of processed instrumental and electronic sounds, field recordings and photography of rock formations, plants and animals melt into an abstract audiovisual experience. Go back to hiding in the shadows proposes relationships between the organic and the digital.

The source of material – sounds, images and videos – were taken around the Troodos mountains in Cyprus island, region where Pandelis grew up. He has created custom-made software to process the raw information with algorithms, creating multiple configurations of image and sound.

The compositions seek to explore the idea of territory and identity as mutually defining forces whose interactions cannot be simplified or easily represented.

This project was presented as a live AV performance in many festivals in Europe and shaped a complete album released in April 11th, 2019, in Berlin, Germany.

Videos, images and sounds(2018-2019)

Pandelis Diamantides

Pandelis Diamantides was born in Athens, Greece, in 1978. He is a sound and visual artist working between Amsterdam and Berlin. He uses custom-made technology to develop his sound and audiovisuals projects creating complex binary landscapes. His sound compositions, electronic rhythms and abstract visuals get together to unfold a true immersive experience. Pandelis has developed sound, visuals and software for contemporary dance and interactive audiovisual installations. His work has been shown at many international festivals and galleries worldwide. Since 2017, he is a visiting teacher of Programming Multimedia at Cyprus University of Technology. He currently holds the position of Research Associate at the Research Centre on Interactive Media Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies (RISE) in Nicosia, Cyprus.