infinity within


Geometric patterns, strident colors and moving loops merge into hypnotic landscapes, a continuous flow of rhythms and forms.

With these non-narrative and abstract animations, Hexoeosis proposes a psychedelic journey through the hyperspace. A selection of GIF artworks that illustrates colorful calm moments, energetic dynamic sequences and thought-provoking, mind bending constructions as if they were a meditation interface. A magic cube that shapes vertiginous representations of the infinite.



Erik Buth is a motion designer, animator, and creative director based in Los Angeles, California. He has worked in the motion graphics industry in LA since the 90’s on an extensive list of projects including tv commercials, music videos, film title sequences and internet content. He started Hexeosis a few years ago as an outlet for personal work and ideas. The word Hexeosis is a combination of the words hexagon + apotheosis. The original idea was to create a visual representation of infinity using geometric abstraction. As Hexeosis, he completed commissioned work for album covers, concert graphics, music videos and many others.