it's a small small world

a collection of curious virtual dioramas

As if it were a diorama of a natural history museum, these works represent small and curious worlds, a portal to a dreamy dimension.

Each scene proposes a destination to be explored, dwellings and remote places where fantastic characters inhabit sometimes.

This exhibition brings together a selection of 3D environments, pieces of virtual reality that suggest incomplete and interactive stories. Immersive works that capture a moment in space and time, where to find oneself and imagine a world of infinite possibilities.

Explore each work with mouse: click and drag in every direction to move. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
Explore works in VR mode: use a cardboard with a mobile device.

Works & Artists

Snail Fantasy World(2017)

A snail wakes up in a strange and mysterious little world.

Henry Rietra

Brazilian artist dedicated to 3D art, born in 1988. He has worked in several areas of design and animation, as well as teaching 3D design software, architecture and advertising. He specializes in modeling and lighting and is currently focused on video game art. He lives in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Castle on a Cliff(2017)

This work is part of a series of 3D environments that involve dwellings located in precarious places. It asks the viewer to imagine the types of people and creatures that could find comfort in an uncomfortable setting based on the homes they construct to protect them from the outside world.

Lauren Morrison

A 3D artist and filmmaker, Lauren grew up in Wisconsin and moved to California in 2010. In 2014 she graduated from California Institute of the Arts with an MFA in Experimental Animation and holds a BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Lauren has directed a number of short films, including 'Water from Stone', which was produced by James Franco. Her MFA thesis film 'Viscera' was selected for the Slamdance Film Festival (2015) and won Best Animated Film, Best Animation Direction, and Best Animated Visuals at the Los Angeles New Wave Film Festival. Lauren worked as a 3D artist for Mark Osborne’s animated film 'The Little Prince', built puppets for Charlie Kaufman's 'Anomalisa', and worked as a Visual Effects Artist on the Adult Swim TV show 'Supermansion.' She is a professor at SAE Expression College in Emeryville, California, where she teaches shading, modeling, compositing, rigging, and dynamic simulations.


This small diorama is part of the book 'The art of Doodads', a fake game in development. The animated character is Harold, head of the Doodads.

Amber Jamieson

Born in England, in 1994, Amber is a video game artist and developer dedicated to the modeling of 2D and 3D environments. She is a MA student at De Montfort University in Leicester, England. She is interested in digital animation research and is co-founder of the I_DO_TRI Studio dedicated to video games. Other interests outside the digital universe are sewing, woodwork and paper.

Space Lake(2017)

Micro universe where little fox is living, a tiny piece of nature levitating in deep-deep space.


Igor Tsukrenko is a 3D artist born in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 1990. He works in visual design and digital animation. In his free time, he develops personal art projects.

Cyril's Shack(2016)

The idea to develop this virtual environment was to use simple bone animations and lightmaps as used in the creation of video games. In the stillness of this swamp, you can hear the sounds of insects fluttering near the fire and also Cyril playing a banjo as we approach to his shack.

Robin Dao

3D environment and video game artist. He specialized in 2D & 3D modeling, illustration and also virtual environments, textures and optimized meshes. He teaches 3D modeling, sculpting, texture painting, and lighting to undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Game Design and provides lab assistance to students and faculty in art and hardware related needs. He currently lives and works at Warner Bros, in San Francisco, United States.

Forest Shrine(2016)

This scene is inspired by the little Shinto shrines found in Japan. Although this work has no relation to religion, it captures the intimate and personal nature of these shrines. A spot in the dark part of the forest, as if it were a safe and secret haven to collect thoughts.

Nathan Chin

Born in Canada, in 1990. He began his career as a digital artist in the video game industry in 2006. He specializes in 2D and 3D art, from 3D models to illustrative works. He is interested in the videogame narratives, practices he has been exploring since his beginnings in 3D modeling.

Old dreamer's house(2017)

Scene inspired by the movie 'Le Petit Prince', a handy 3D modeling exercise. Old houses tend to be seen with another mood and inspire to imagine fascinating stories. The vibrant colors, the butterfly fluttering and a floating kite give life to this distant and old abode.

Yperman Mieke

Born in Maaseik, Belgium, in 1997, Yperman is a 3D artist currently studying Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE) at Howest University in Belgium. She worked on various digital projects in 2D as well as in 3D modeling. She was inspired to become a 3D artist by animated films and video games.

Four elements: Earth(2016)

This scene is part of a work in progress called, 'Four Elements'. In this work, the accent is focused on trying to capture the peaceful yet determined character of nature.


Jakub Proszowski was born in Radomsko, Poland, in 1991. He is an engineer in Information Technology from Wyzsza Szkola Biznesu - National-Louis University in Nowy Sacz. He is exploring 3D Art and Motion Design. His early influences were the Japanese animations. Currently, he is working in the medium of video game art and he is inspired by the work of Tim Burton and Edgar Allan Poe.

Milk Carton House(2016/2017)

Jasmin Habezai-Fekri developed the 3D modeling and animation to give life to Janice Chu visual concept: a milk carton house with its small inhabitant!


Jasmin Habezai-Fekri is an illustrator and 3D animation artist, born in Germany, in 1997. She is studying video game art and is interested in modeling environments and atmospheric scenes with hand-painted textures. Self-taught in the use of 3D design software, she was introduced in this universe thanks to many tutorials found on YouTube. She enjoys telling small stories through her scenes and 3D models.

Janice Chu

Born in Canada in 1997. She is dedicated to digital illustration and UI development. She has collaborated with several design studios and Internet companies.

Murloc Ship Wreck Shanty(2016)

One man's trash is another Murlocs treasure.


Anndrea Meneses was born in the USA, in 1992. A digital illustration artist who currently resides in Silverado, California. She is passionate about art, Mexican food and virtual reality.

Crystal Cove(2017)

This environment depicts a small and snowy, floating island. Remember to bring a jacket, and maybe a boat.

Emily Tran

Born in London, in 1997, Emily is currently studying Game Art at De Montfort University, in Leicester, England. During summers, she freelances as a digital artist. Her fascination with the illusion of space in virtual reality guided her artistic exploration in design and 3D modelling. She considers herself as a student of life, dedicating her time to understanding the world and improving her knowledge of fundamentals.

Asteroid base(2015)

This work was part of experiments for creating a location for a science fiction video game. A space base in an asteroid protected by a shield of hexagonal plates.

Pavel Yudov

Born in Odessa, USSR, in 1985. He lived in East Germany for the first 5 years until the fall of the wall. He began working as a 3D artist as soon as the first video game company opened where he lived in Ukraine. Since then he has been perfecting his skills in 3D animation. Currently working independently and travelling on his bicycle.