living on the net


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We have been hyper-connected for more than a decade, going through an era where social interactions operate under the influence of the Internet. We communicate through text messages, chats, video calls and social networks. The digitization of contemporary society put into crisis the concept of reality / fiction and brought a new lifestyle: inhabiting the network.

New beliefs linked to social and spiritual levels emerge from this technological environment. The exploration of virtual reality has expanded the limits of navigation, developed new habits and led to the birth of new cults full of iconography and symbolisms of life online. It is at this intersection, between the virtual and the spiritual, that Axyxa is inspired to unfold his visual universe.

Closed rooms frame the scenes of disturbing humanoids loaded with a strong mysticism and endowed with a hypnotic three-dimensionality. Their atmosphere refers to the feeling of confinement that is experienced on the network, but also to that inner and abstract world, other side of our experience as humans.

Axyxa suggests scenes from a post-biological life, try to find a possible parallelism between our psychic nature and our state of connection. He builds a metaphysical pop temple where the wifi waves open the doors of perception and initiate rites of cyber-spirituality and expansion of consciousness.

Digital illustrations(2015-2017)


AXYXA is one of the artistic pseudonyms of Oblinof Kohara, multimedia artist born in La Plata, Argentina, in 1989. His work includes various art practices such as digital illustration, music, installations and other new media formats. He finds inspiration in contemporary life interactions traversed by the Internet technology. His visual style draws on the incipient aesthetics that emerged from some communities in different social networks since 2010 such as vaporwave, seapunk and glitch.