federico marino

November 2019

go back to hiding in the shadows

pandelis diamantides

October 2019

stratotype digital-ien

isabelle gagné

September 2019

obscure distortion

frenetik void

May 2019

mutant club

༼⍨༽༼∵༽༼ ͒ ͓ ͒༽༼ ͒ ̶ ͒༽༼⍢༽༼⍤༽༼⍨༽༼∵༽༼⍨༽༼∵༽༼ ͒ ͓ ͒༽

November 2018

emerging cities

lee oliver

September 2018

crack on screen


July 2018

cameron's world

excavating lost cities

May 2018

that virtual object of desire

ray gropius

March 2018

infinity within


November 2017

it's a small small world

a collection of curious virtual dioramas

August 2017

living on the net


May 2017

_mon3y as an 3rrror

December 2016

digital looms

federico abuyé

October 2016

ideal flow

art & science: the early computational models

October 2016

untitled nº 1

24 hours of news overdose

August 2016

pixel dreams

escaping from the arcade

April 2016

eduardo pla

orbiting fantasy and seduction

April 2016

Coming soon

vector gardening

leonardo solaas

November 2015


poetics of generativity

October 2015

Coming soon

a black stone

mateo amaral

July 2015

endless sequences

GIF abstractions

January 2015

Coming soon

magritte cloud

ignacio guerra

November 2014

Coming soon

anonymous by error

glitch portraits

October 2014

Coming soon

ancient computing

hector llanquín

August 2014

Coming soon

visual hearings

a synaesthetic experience

June 2014

Coming soon

homo ludens


April 2014

Coming soon

synthetic excursions

sol del rio

October 2013

Coming soon

fractal universe

a mathematical dimension of art

July 2013

Coming soon


me & edward

July 2013

Coming soon


joaquín fargas

July 2013

Coming soon

mutant fantasy

body transfigurations on the net

July 2013

Coming soon

stapledon sphere

gabriel rud

July 2013

Coming soon


from videogame to performance

July 2013

Coming soon

Past exhibitions info will be translated soon. In the meantime, they can be explored at the Spanish version.